Having high-speed internet in the Empordà is now possible.

Being able to have quality internet in the rural areas of the Empordà is now possible. STE has become the certified rural internet operator in the Baix Empordà and allows us to offer secure, high-speed connections at very competitive prices.

We have our own repeaters that allow us to ensure the connection and be agile with incidents and we can increase or reduce the requested flow in a few seconds.

WIMAX technology works through radio frequency and consists of an antenna and a router that through an installation will provide the internet connection.

It is a very viable option if your provider cannot provide you with Internet or its operation is precarious.

To find out if you can contract your service with us, you just have to fill out the following form or call 972645188. Know your coordinates for your house, we can do a study to find out if we can give you a stable and quality signal from our internet.


/ mes

  • 20mb/4mb
  • +IVA


/ mes

  • 60mb/8mb
  • +IVA


/ mes

  • 100mb/10mb
  • +IVA

* To buy antenna: €139,15 (Iva included) OPCIONAL

* Start installation (if you do not see Wimax system): €119,79 (Iva included)

* Router: €99,22 (Iva included)

Terms of service:

The installation fee + router is €180 + VAT, which consists of mounting the outdoor antenna and a maximum of 30 meters of wiring and the configuration of the equipment. Any other extra will be charged separately (router, antenna support, ap's, etc..) If the installation time is more than 2 hours, it will be charged separately.

Once the installation is completed, the client will be charged the proportional part of what is left to finish the month. For any incident you have with the internet or landline you can call us at number 691924929.

Any month that the monthly Internet fee cannot be collected, the Internet service will automatically stop working.