Through the company TELCO SRT we can offer you a large number of radio frequency products in our technical service we have a large number of products for repairs and component replacements.

We offer service to several sectors like:

Terrestrial radio frequency:

Short, medium and long range terrestrial communications will allow you to communicate without interruptions. This type of communications is ideal for hunters, security services that require a private system, stations for vehicle fleets or locations with little coverage.

Maritime Radio Frequency:

Maritime communications are mandatory in these areas. Good equipment accompanied by good maintenance will allow you to have peace of mind on the high seas and obtain the best coverage and location.

Aeronautical Radio Frequency:

Light aircraft with a good location system facilitate communication in the most complicated airspace. We have advanced systems to obtain good results.

In addition to these services we also have fleet control systems through GPS, walkies, spare parts, GSM repeaters and radio links.