Disposem dels coneixements per a poder to sonorizar qualsevol ambiente, locals o espai. These calculations are based on advanced sound enhancement functions that allow us to provide a unique experience for the viewer in which enjoying the best sound is essential.

Sound system for weddings:

Such a special day requires adequate sound distribution, which is not too strident, but at the same time all the guests can enjoy the best moments with the best melody. We also provide sound for groups or instruments according to needs.

Sound system for home:

We bring you the great experience of sound and image to your home. We carry out home cinema installations based on the client's wishes, advising the television and sound most suitable for their environment.

Sound system for bars or discos:

We sound with the best fidelity for any bar or nightclub depending on the client's needs. We have experience in advising and strategically installing the necessary modules. We also provide mixers, spy speakers and sound towers.

Sound system for cars:

Many times we cannot enjoy the music in our car due to the limitations of the standard speakers that come with our car. That is why we provide you with advanced auditor system where you can enjoy the best music on the go.

Ask us for a budget without any obligation. We believe that our job is to advise you correctly so that you can choose with conditions.