Having secure and controlled access when you have to enter a home, community or business is one of the most valued assets we have today. Our security will depend on the control and knowledge that we have when entering and there is where current technology can help us daily.

Today, having typical keys, no matter how unique they are (and the cost of duplicating them is high), does not prevent you from having to change the door lock if thy keys lost or stolen, with the implication of a high investment. For this reason, we are committed to making an initial and unique investment and being able to configure the accesses you need, you can cancel and register the people you want and be able to keep a reliable record of the access all the time.

In addition, we bet on doormen with remote video-conference where, through a mobile phone, you can see the person who is in front of our door and we have the possibility to open the door from the place you want.

We currently work with various brands of door phones so that depending on the installation or the needs of the client, we recommend one type or another.


Fermax offers perfect video door entry systems for contemporary installations that require the integration of multiple systems: information, communication and access control.
Created to cover various needs: push buttons, card readers, amplifiers, access control access, etc..
All this without giving up strength, reliability and elegance.


Amb més de 60 anys al mercat, presents a tot el mòn i de Sant Cugat, Golmar és un candidat molt fiable per als vostres vídeo-porters.

Els seus vídeo-porters modulables permeten disposar d'un registre d'entrades al edifici així com un sistema central de consergería ideal per a grans blocs on el control és necessari